For 30 years we have developed and partner with key developer and desinger from around the world to offer the best quality church furniture in the Industry. Steel pulpits, church chairs and much more. Endoresed by 500 denominations and 20,000 churches from coast to coast. Distribution center in Florida, Texas, Virginia and Puerto Rico. Call us today 407-785-9322

Stainless Steel Lectern pulpit

  • Aerodynamic Design

    It uses organic shapes (non primary shapes). This is much more modern. It creates a more flowing appearance and a more dynamic feeling. This reflects the dynamic nature of church preaching.

  • NASA Science

    we use a specially developed hollow stem technology to make the stem light yet strong. The single curved stem means that the pulpit is less distracting for the audience or congregation.

  • Anthropometric Ergonomic

    You have probably heard of ergonomics which is the study of human interaction with furniture and objects. Our pulpits are designed using anthropometric ergonomic data (the same ergonomic data the designers at Boeing use to design airplane interiors).